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Jami's Spa Pedi $35

includes cut and file nails, trim cuticle, light massage and polish

Hot Stone $45

includes all of Jami's pedi with hot stone massage added

Deluxe Pedicure

cut and file nails, trim cuticle, hot stone massage and polish
*Mint or Aloe: $55

Scrub and Soothing massage lotion

*Volcano: $65

extra crystals, exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen mask and lotion

*Organic Nu Skin: $75

Herbal Mineral Bath, Exfoliation, Sole Solution and Butter

Gel Polish with Pedicure additional $15


Basic Manicure $20

includes cut and file nails, trim cuticle, hand massage and polish

Gel Manicure $35
Gel Manicure with French $40
Deluxe Manicure $40

includes basic with added scrub, body butter and hot stone

Pedi/Mani (Jami's Pedi and basic Mani) $53

Dip Powder

On natural nails $45
Dip with manicure $50
With extra tips $50 up
With extra tips and special shape and extra length $50 up
Dip ombre $60 up

Artificial Nails

Acrylic set with regular polish $35 up
Acrylic Fill-Ins with Gel $40 up
Pink and White Full Set $55 up
Pink and White Fill in $45 up
Pink Fill in $30 up
Liquid Gel Full Set $60 up
Liquid Gel Fill in $45 up
French style, Cut down and Repair Extra $5

Polish Change


Regular $15
French $20
Gel Color $25
Gel French $30
Gel Removal $10


Regular $15
French $20
Gel Color $25
Gel French $30


Manicure $10
Gel Manicure $20
Pedicure $22
Pedi + Manicure $30


Eyebrows $12
Lip $8
Chin $10
Cheek $10 up
Full Face $40 up
Under Arms $25 up
Half Arms $30 up
Full Arms $45 up
Half Legs $40 up
Full Legs $70 up
Bikini Line $35 up
Full Brazilian $60 up
Chest $40 up
Abdomen $30 up
Back Wax $40 up

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